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Becoming a Certified Recovery Residence with CCAPP has Never Been Easier!

Use these easy to edit forms to create all of the documents you will need

to operate using NARR/CCAPP standards


CCAPP will soon be launching its online application system for recovery residence certification. Below are the basic steps you will find in the application and a list of documents you will need to gather before entering the online application. Templates and descriptions are provided so that you will be fully prepared and confident when you start your application.

You may choose to use your current forms, or use these editable forms, changing them to fit your needs. Make sure you read them carefully to understand how they relate to your residence. Please add your company name, address, rules, etc. to each form so that they reflect the values your home ascribes to. Once you have edited them to your satisfaction, you will need to save them as PDFs and store them on your computer or device so that you can upload them in the online application for CCAPP recovery residence certification). 

***Notice: The forms provided are suggestions only and do not constitute legal advice for your particular locality. 


Following are the steps you will be asked to complete for the online application. Reviewing them now will help you to quickly complete the application. 

Steps 1 - 2, Basics: Provide your contact information, billing information and who you serve (entered online).

Steps 3-7: Agreements: Sign agreements to follow the rules and maintain ethical standards. You will sign these agreements online.  You must also print the Code of Ethics and require each staff member and owner to sign it and retain signed copies for your site visit.  

3. CCAPP Code of Ethics for Certified Recovery Residences 

4. Statement of Understanding, online checkbox form, (defines your relationship with CCAPP, your certifying organization)

5. Statement of Agreement Regarding Employees, online checkbox form (you will agree to rules regarding emplyment arrangements)

6. Ethical Advertising Agreement, online checkbox form (you will agree to honest advertising)


Steps 8 -17, Documentation: You will need the following documents to upload to your application. Do NOT upload one document with multiple requirements. Take your time. Scan or photograph each document so that our staff can easily approve your application without searching through your submission to find each item. If you cannot seperate each item, upload the document containing multiple items for EACH step (same document).

The documents you will need are listed with links to examples/templates. You will need to customize templates to suit your needs:

7. Resident Confidentiality Agreement (upload you own or download and customize this template)

8. Mission and Vision Statement (upload you own or download and customize this template)

9. Organizational Structure: You will be asked to upload a document describing the type of organization (partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.) that is applying. If the applicant is not a business entity, a letter describing your organization can be provided (Oxford house, etc.)

10.Current Liability Insurance: You will be asked to upload a copy of your insurance documentation.

11. Property Owner Permission: If the residence is owned by the applicant, a copy of a property tax statement or mortgage statement can be uploaded. If the residence is owned by a third party, a letter of permission must be uploaded. 

12. Recovery Residence Financial Agreement (upload you own or download and customize this template)

13. Enforcement of Policies and Grievance Policies (upload you own or download and customize this template)

14. Statement of Recovery Residence Rights (upload you own or download and customize this template)

15. House Rules (upload you own or download and customize this template)

16. Recovery Residence Weekly Schedule  (upload you own or download and customize this template)

17. Good Neighbor Policy  (upload you own or download and customize this template)

18. House Manager Contract (upload you own or download and customize this template)

19. Infectious Disease Control Policy (upload your own or download and customize this template)

20. Medication Policy

Steps 20-21: Site Visit: You will choose some convenient times for a site visit and a CCAPP Inspector will verify health and safety items required for certification. A list of these items is visible in the online application. 

Steps 22-23: Payment and Approval: Payment must be made before the site visit is scheduled. Your sertificate will be avaialble online when your home is appporved and a hardcopy certificate will be mailed for you to frame and hang at your residence!